Thursday, April 12, 2007

Are Those Who Hear the 144,000's Message Also Sealed?

Dr. Couch, in Revelation 7:3 and in 9:4 it is mentioned that the servants of the Lord are sealed with a seal on their foreheads. My question, if the 144,000 Jewish witnesses are sealed, what about those who hear and believe their message? Are they sealed also? What’s your answer? 
    ANSWER: The sealing of the 144,000 mentioned in chapter 7 were to be protected during their period of witnessing to the earth. But the protection over them is but temporary. In 14:1 we see the 144,000 in glory standing together in the heavenly Mt. Zion with the Lord Jesus. They had a special protection (v.3) but were finally “purchased” from the earth, probably martyred, as mentioned in vs. 3-4. There were considered special “first fruits” (the first crops) of the tribulation and were especially dedicated to God the Father and Christ the Lamb. 

    Chapter 9 is about the release of the demonic horde from the “shaft of the abyss.” For a period the demons were permitted to harm all men except those who had received “the seal of God on their foreheads” (v. 4). Since the passage does not refer to the 144,000 I take it that “the men” referred to would be new believers coming to Christ during the witness of the blessed 144,000 Jewish evangelists. Many, many who are saved during the tribulation, i.e. the tribulation (not church) saints, will towards the end by martyred. The martyred are vividly pictured in chapter 15 and in 16:4-7. 

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

    Dr. Mal Couch